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Andrew Andraos, The CEO and Founder of Andersonation

Andrew Andraos, the CEO and founder of Andersonation is a man with many successes attached to his name. First of all, he is an award winning International music entrepreneur, music composer and record producer who is into singing himself. He has spent several years in the global music industry especially in the United States of America and stretching to Asia, Middle East, and North Africa. No doubt, Andrew Andraos has really played a great role in helping the development of the music worldwide.

“Andrew Andraos” Dedicated Years To Learning and Collaborating

With about 10 years spent in the music industry conducting several researches that can aid music development worldwide and another 6 years spent on collaborating with different producers and musicians who had made indelible marks in the industry, no doubt, those years were responsible for making him to know the highs and the mightiest in the music industry worldwide, but also made him to know the problems affecting the industry and guiding him on how to make positive changes that makes life better for so many others.

The story of his collaborations is a huge motivation on its own. Really, only very few had achieved that level of successful collaborations with the most influential in the industry as he has. In his “Collabo” efforts, term fondly used by musicians to mean local, national and international musical collaboration or joint venture kind of agreement as it affects the music industry, he has done business with so many players which includes the following:

· Broadcast Music Institute

· Kobalt Music

· CDbaby

· Sony Music

· Sound Exchange

· Universal Music

· Warner Music

· And more;

He has also worked with artist such as:

· Gary Catona

· Poo Bear

· Ye Huang of Mike Stern and Arturo Sandoval

· Wynton Marsalis

· Tina Cole

· Lexxi Saal

· Emilia Ali

· And lots more.

With the list above, you will agree with me that “Andrew Andraos” is who the upcoming artist should be looking up to learning from in they also want to succeed.

Research Is the Secret of my Success According to “Andrew Andraos”

According to him, success did not just come on a platter of gold. He was in the habit of continuous researching on new ways to make mark in the industry, dedicating himself to learning new things everyday and , and expanding his knowledge in all areas of the business so that he will have an edge over lots of others out there.

Andrew Andraos- A Summary of His Journey and Achievements

Andrew Andraos joined the music industry when the industry was in need of men of big dreams. He joined and worked in so many areas, meeting industrial leaders, do big collaboration and mentors many upcoming and new entrants into the industry on how to succeed within.

He is a serial entrepreneur who has spent years working in different areas of the industry.

He is an international music promoter, producer and composer.

He is available for the next business collaborations with anyone in the any aspect of the music industry from anywhere in the world.

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